This playful movement frees painful body discomfort.
As human beings, we are biologically designed to survive all sorts of disruption. If that were not the case, we would be extinct. Disturbing events exist in our lives in one form or another. Depending on how we interact with the disturbances, we will either carry forward an emotional imprint from the event or not. If we have been impacted negatively, we will need to release the experience. If left unattended, the emotions will mark and wound us. It is similar to what we experience physically when the body is compromised. If left unattended, there is potential for a more serious situation to arise. But if it is supported through awareness and encouraged to heal, there is a much better chance for a full recovery.

Practice: Unwinding Your Body

Here’s an easy way of judging if you need to unwind: Stand tall, balancing equally on both feet. Close your eyes and notice how your body moves. If you feel yourself moving in small circles or side to side, your body would benefit from this release. This simple, playful exercise shows you how different it is to move from your spirit instead of your mind, and it has wonderful benefits for the overall system and a beautiful self-care tool.

To do the practice:
Find a room with a clean area where you can be on the floor and roll around.

  • Imagine your energy has gotten all bound up, like a chord or a rope that needs unraveling.
  • Set an intention, such as I am going to unwind and release the bound-up energy in my body.
  • Allow yourself to roll around in a way that is instructed by your spirit rather than your mind, and let go. It may feel a bit contorted at times, but do your best to go with it (always staying safe in the process).
  • When you have had enough, simply say, I am done unwinding. Lie down for a few minutes and allow the experience to sink in and heal you at a very deep level.

    I love this fun, effective way of relieving stress from the body. Playful movement frees painful body discomfort, and when I release tension at a physical level, the mind, and the spirit also get released and life feels so much happier.

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    Fabulous Photo by Scott Higdon on Unsplash