Peru: My Teacher | ItChange has been everywhere in my life this past year. We moved from our family home of 23 years, prepared our daughter for a move out west, have traveled extensively, and this spring dealt with the loss of my lifelong friend, Eileen. Although I was looking forward to a long-planned trip to South America, I was also nervous about traveling so far away from home. What I didn’t realize before I took this trip was how completely Peru would cradle my weary heart and teach me about how to heal it. Nowhere could have felt more restorative to my soul than Peru.

On this trip we traveled to Lima, the Amazon Jungle, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. We took planes, cars and trains to get to these destinations. We were physically very far from home and on the move constantly. Yet somehow, there was no sense of distance or exhaustion, just this feeling of being very close to a vital energy source, a healing energy source.

I have always turned to my core self care practices of meditation, yoga, and nature’s wisdom to connect to my spirit. While in Peru, I could feel those same healing powers at work just by being there, the same feeling of tapping into a vital energy source. Both my husband and I commented after our nine-hour flight home from Peru, how revived we felt and how restored our energy was.

I have gotten very good at learning how to move with change, and I find myself encouraging transition instead of resisting the thought of it. This is a huge milestone for me, especially because for so long change felt completely overwhelming. What has made the difference, is securing my self care practices, and realizing that they are not a luxury to my life but an absolute necessity because they connect me with my spirit. They have given me the chance to be anywhere in the world, to experience the most magnificent and or the most challenging events and feel grounded and safe in those experiences. Peru taught me about being physically far from home, but never being away from the feeling of home at all.

There is so much that can be said about an epic trip like this. I think we have all tried to find words to describe these types of huge experiences, but most times there are no words. We have felt these experiences through our hearts and spirits, not through our minds. We have transcended the mind’s limitations and felt something far greater.

My heart is revitalized and open to all the many opportunities that spirit has waiting for me. Peru, as my teacher, taught me to let go of the restrictive boundaries of my mind and open my life up to the guidance of my spirit and the Great Spirit that patiently waits for us all to come home.