My greatest insights come in my quiet momentswhile I’m taking a walk, in the shower, or driving by myself. Flashes of awareness drop in on me. There’s no formula to when or why these universal insights occur. I just know that one steady step toward self-care at a time has helped me clear away and heal through my lifelong wounds.

Insight is always accessible, right within arm’s length, but when our spirit gets clogged up with unresolved situations, like feelings of self-worth or accelerated anger, we have no access to true awareness.

Do you know what I mean? The push-pull of a personal struggle, disheartening interactions with people, and self-sabotaging results that you just didn’t see coming spin round and round with no resolution in sight. This takes up huge amounts of space in your mind and exhausts your precious energy. It may be the loss of energy that strikes you first. I know it was for me. Nothing excites you, everything feels overwhelming, and you are moving frighteningly close to a blanket of depression and burn out. Noticing how you are in that moment is a powerful first step; it will stop the spinning immediately.

The ability to observe yourself truthfully will allow you to take ownership and move you to the next level of healing. The trick is to keep it up and stay steady in your practice.

Your unique creative expression is waiting to be discovered by you. But how do you do that when just getting out of bed seems like an overwhelming task? You meet yourself where you are in the moment, not sometimes, but all the time.

This is present moment awareness. Cherish the information you learn about yourself through your life school (your day-to-day experiences). Every time you commit to honoring what comes up for you in your lifeinteractions with friends and family, unexpected delays, personal discoveries through yoga and meditation or walks in nature, pay attention. Some experiences and sensations may make you feel uncomfortable, but one thing is for sureif you run from the lessons now, they will come to find you another time.

One steady step at a time offers you a successful experience of you and your commitment to a full, rich life. Yes, it does require faith, but what a beautiful alternative to hopelessness.

I learned early on that a negative outlook was only going to give me more of the same sadness, so I committed to a path of self-awareness and learning so I could figure out how to change old destructive habits. There is no magic here. It absolutely requires that you make a decision, build your self-care practice, and hold that practice as your most precious resource, your lifeline.

Insight may seem far away right now, but it’s not. It’s right there, patiently waiting for you to say yes. Sweet flashes of wisdom are cheering you on from another dimension. Be strong, and stay open to all possibilities.

If you are ready to take the next steps, you’ll find many tools to work with on my resource page.

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