New Moon in Leo- Power Up Your Ability to Heal Through Old Habits

by | Aug 10, 2018

I love writing these Moon messages. They prompt me to pay special attention to how the lunar cycles affect my body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Because the Moon has been so powerful this summer, it has been a particularly good time to tune into its energy. I wake up some mornings feeling overcome by the energy surging through my life, with my grandest dreams and my most tender losses standing side by side. This polar energy is balancing but hard to navigate at times, as it requires that we get super clear about how we communicate.

The July Full Moon was whopper, with a double lunar eclipse and Mercury in retrograde. It had a huge impact on me. I had an intense headache for three days—it felt like my brain was going to explode—and when the headache disappeared so did the heavy energy that had been lingering. What did it bring up for you?

Polarity and purification have been the theme for me this year. I have witnessed challenge and opportunity partner in my life as never before. The polarity offers me the chance to see how life is made up of it all. The sad, the desperate, the marvelous, and the splendid—it’s all part of what unfolds in a life well lived. These are the ebbs and flows of this earth journey, and riding those tides with grace is what helps us surrender to what is.

Purification means standing in strength enough to witness the triggers, emotions, and reactions that get in the way of a surrendered posture.

This type of learning makes the work I do through the publication of my book, retreats, workshops, and private coaching  all the more valuable in my life.

It does no good right now to pull back, put off, or mask the way you feel. If you are a person who tucks your emotions under the rug, do your best to lift the rug up and meet what’s calling to be heard.

Take small steps in a direction of healing and you will be met with astounding results. Teachers, guides, friends, and healers will appear when you ask for help, so start asking. There is no reason you need to take this journey alone.

New Moons signify new beginnings. How great is it that we get to start anew each month. This could mean you are recommitting to an intention you made last month or climbing the ladder to fulfill a dream. Whatever it is, make it your efforts count. Think it through and set the intention. Make your intention short and concise so it sticks, then edit it and build on it.

Celebrate the New Moon in whatever way feels right to you. For me, sometimes it will be a big gathering, but most often it will be a special meditation or a walk in nature. What’s most important is that you remember Mother Moon and the gifts she delivers when we recognize her power and potency.

Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde, so hone up on your communication skills. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor by pausing before you react to any triggers that might sneak in.

Lift your face to the sky, take a deep breath, and know with all your heart that you are worth every ounce of energy you commit to this inner inquiry.

Peace, peace, blessed peace.