New Moon in Gemini

by | Jun 11, 2018

“Under this new moon every one of us becomes a medium transmitting one’s very essence, and since the message is crystal clear, this new moon in Gemini becomes the key message of our own selves.” —Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

The Gemini New Moon is upon us and the stars are cosmically aligned to make it a powerful one. The Full Moon is a time of completion and release, whereas the New Moon is a time for new beginnings and intention setting. The New Moon’s energy brings introspection, making it the perfect time to go inward and reflect on where we are and where we want to be. If you have felt a pull toward a new hobby, a new career, or a new love interest, the New Moon and the days following are an optimal time to pursue these intuitive desires. As humans, we are lunar beings, and aligning your personal journey with the energy of the Moon will give you an energetic leg-up on your path to your most authentic self.

This month, we not only have Gemini on our side, but it is also a Super New Moon, which will magnify its lunar power. Astrologically speaking, this month’s New Moon in Gemini is unaffected by any planetary aspects but is influenced by eight fixed stars. All that really means is that the true essence of Gemini will be working in our favor. Gemini is the sign of duality, adaptability, and bringing the subconscious into the conscious.

I made a Soul Contract last month to use the lunar energy to manifest all of my wildest dreams. I’ll continue my ritual on Wednesday night by gathering with a small group of my closest friends. We will cook a delicious meal together and enjoy it as the sun sets. At my last Moon Party, we found that cooking a communal meal before sitting down for our ceremony gave us time to shed the energy that had been absorbed during the day. Once we finished dinner, we were all on the same energetic page and ready to begin our ritual. Whether you are gathering with friends or doing this solo, make sure to give yourself the time to tune in. This may be through meditation or a short Yoga Kriya. Lately, my soul has been craving a feminine community, so these Moon Celebrations are what’s been calling out to me, but celebrating the Moon alone is just as effective. Your ceremony need not be elaborate and can take less than 30 minutes. Follow the steps I’ve laid out below, or get creative on your own. Whatever you do, do it with purpose.

New Moon Ritual:

●      Cleanse your space. Sage is an herb that works with lunar energy and is extremely effective in cleansing negative energy. If you are working indoors, remember to open your windows so the energy has a place to escape. Take some time to cleanse the crown of your head and the bottoms of your feet, as these are the doors to our physical body. As you cleanse, notice the shift in your body as well as the energy of the space.

●      Journal. In the New Moon, ask yourself what’s been serving you and what hasn’t been. Write in the present tense what you want to call in in the coming months. For example, if it is travel, you could write, “I am so grateful to be overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean and smelling the warm ocean breeze.” Speak as though it is already within you, because it is.

●      Read your journal entries aloud. If you are in a group, read them to your trusted group. If you are alone, read them aloud so the Universe hears them loud and clear. Then thank the Moon for bringing to you what you have offered to her.

●      Symbolically release these intentions. In the New Moon, I like to keep my journal entry and revisit it throughout the month. Keep it in a sacred box or on your meditation altar, or tape it to your vanity mirror. Some sources say to burn your list in a candle’s flame following your ceremony. You’ll know what feels right to you in the moment.

Finally, enjoy all of the gifts that this Gemini New Super Moon will bring us. 2018 has been tough, but this renewing Moon lines us all up perfectly to call in exactly what our soul is craving. Use it to your advantage.

I will be taking over my Mom’s Instagram account (@sarahwbrassard) on Wednesday night (June 13th), and giving you all a glimpse of what my community ceremony looks like. If you feel called to, check it out to gain inspiration for your own.

New Moon Blessings to all of my fellow moon-gazers!