New Moon in Cancer July 12–13, 2018

by | Jul 12, 2018

When life gets HUGE, it can feel like the Universe is testing you to see how steady you can stay. I call it Spiritual Graduate School. One enormous event after another, until finally you surrender because you just can’t believe that all these high-stakes situations could come up at the same time.

My meditation practice has taught me to surrender in these times, to let go and relax into the disorder. This takes courage, I know, because it feels counterintuitive. We want to jump into action, make things happen, and manipulate the outcome. But this burns energy and most times is ineffective. Let’s look at a different approach this month.

This New Moon encourages us to surrender. If we don’t, it will keep delivering  lessons to wake us up. I get this. My lesson started early this month with an accident that nearly broke my arm. The next day, my computer crashed, and the list goes on.

I believe I am a co-creator in my life, and whatever happens has a bigger meaning than what meets the eye. So I pay attention, step back, and trust that it is all happening to grow and strengthen me.

Here are some key points about this New Moon:

·      Celebrate the New Moon with a ceremony.

·      Surrender to the lessons before you. When life gets dicey, Stop, Look, and Listen before you react.

·      No matter how out of balance a situation might feel, there is order behind the confusion. Trust that.

·       The New Moon energy is the perfect time for new beginnings.

·      Stay on course. If you have committed to a plan, stay with it and ride it out. Don’t react to upheavals; surrender to them.

Learn from this New Moon and move toward patience and compassion rather than reaction and harsh assumptions. Slow everything down, don’t let the to-do list overwhelm you, breathe into the moment, and ground yourself with the understanding that all is well.