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The moon and stars greatly influence our lives and the world.  Each month we will provide insights as to what is happening astrologically and what the impact is so that you can better understand and respond to events.

January 2020- Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

A New Era and a New Decade is upon us!  This month’s theme carries the energy of new beginnings, motivation, action, responsibility, willpower, resilience, and attainment. We have some serious energy coming in this month, and if you harness it in the right ways, you can accelerate into your Highest Path of Destiny.  One of the ways to do that

December 2019- Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome to December! This month's themes are full-cycle experiences, possibilities, regeneration, higher consciousness, and inner strength. In December, you need to stop questioning and start confronting.  We don't have control over a lot, but you can control your actions-attitude-behavior-choices-decisions-steps. What you do with them are yours alone to build into reality. The best gift you will get this season is

November 2019~Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

What a transitional month we are about to enter! This whole year has been about a mind-body-soul cleansing of the old so we can welcome the new. I know there are days when the new that you are longing for feels like it may never come. It can be frustrating, and you may even feel like giving up. The good

September 2019- Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome to September! This month is about destiny, spirituality, karma, soul mission, life purpose, and humanity. You will experience the rewards of your hard work through the foundations you have put in place to take the next steps.   The change of seasons brings magic and miracles to your life. There is something special about September that rejuvenates us to know

August 2019 ~Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome, August! This month is about fully seeing the truth of every situation in our lives, good and bad. It’s about developing deeper inner wisdom, connecting spirit and matter, and finding the confidence to follow our desires.  Allow the barriers of transformation to break away and have the courage to love yourself, love humanity, and create a worldwide transformation. You

July 2019 ~ Moon & Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome, July!🌞🌱 This month we break free from old patterns and a full spectrum healing will be possible. Astrological energy has been supportive and difficult to deal with as it has broken us down and for some, life has been unrecognizable for months and even years. But this month, we begin to rebuild and to do this we need to