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The moon and stars greatly influence our lives and the world.  Each month we will provide insights as to what is happening astrologically and what the impact is so that you can better understand and respond to events.

Moon and Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome, August! This month is about fully seeing the truth of every situation in our lives, good and bad. It’s about developing deeper inner wisdom, connecting spirit and matter, and finding the confidence to follow our desires.  Allow the barriers of transformation to break away and have the courage to love yourself, love humanity, and create a worldwide transformation. You

July 2019 – Moon/Astrological Messages by Stacey Lyons

Welcome, July!🌞🌱 This month we break free from old patterns and a full spectrum healing will be possible. Astrological energy has been supportive and difficult to deal with as it has broken us down and for some, life has been unrecognizable for months and even years. But this month, we begin to rebuild and to do this we need to

June 2019- Moon Message- Stacey Lyons

Welcome, June! We are in Gemini season, and Gemini is all about balance. This month, balance is needed in your life, love, creativity, and taking responsibilities for your choices. Feel all perspectives of your experience in these areas so you can figure out where to concentrate your efforts.  Love is at the forefront of your life this month. Love of