Welcome, August! This month is about fully seeing the truth of every situation in our lives, good and bad. It’s about developing deeper inner wisdom, connecting spirit and matter, and finding the confidence to follow our desires. 

Allow the barriers of transformation to break away and have the courage to love yourself, love humanity, and create a worldwide transformation. You have worked hard, and the foundation of your abundance and good fortune has already been cast in cement. Even if you cannot fully see its fruition yet, you will soon start to see prosperity enter your life. It is the month to dig deep in you. Life is a marathon; we are gearing up for MAJOR positive changes. 

This is not a time for the weary. You may have to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. In August, you have to go hard. There is no turning back and no option to go home! You will find strength in you this month, and you may not even know where it came from. Whatever problem or goal you are trying to overcome, always remember that the Divine is bigger and stronger, and if need be, they will hold your hand, have your back and carry you over the finish line to accomplish your Destiny. Hang on, trust yourself, and prepare for your greatness.

While August is slightly less energetically charged than last month, it still holds a punch with Leo energy coming in. We still have five planets in retrograde, and Mercury Retrograde is in pre-shadow till August 15th. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and abundance, also goes direct on August 11th, so things will start to see positive forward movement. This will be a great month to recharge overall well-being for you. These are important dates to be aware of for August:

August 15th: Full Moon in Aquarius – You may find this Moon helpful for the passions of your soul. That which sets your soul on fire and wants you to create a better humanity. Use this Moon phase to help make leaps and bounds to better yourself as you serve humanity. You can work with this Full Moon up to two days prior, the day of, and up to two days after. 

August 30th: New Moon in Virgo – This is the time to connect to your best authentic self. When we are our true best self, we can elevate those around us and see the positive vibrations filter into our world. As with the Full Moon, you can work with the New Moon up to two days prior, the day of, and up to two days after. Use this time to go hard and fight for your dreams as they become your reality. 

This month it is important that the Divine sees all the hard work you have been doing in your life. I assure you that they see and hear all things. No good deed goes unseen from the Divine. Your hard work will prove your righteous rewards. The only thing you have to do is know that you are worthy of them, and as best you can remove the negativity from your life, and ask them for their help. Call out for that help to them! Tell them: “Do not delay, make haste . . . HELP!” Then, trust it is heard, and the second those words are out, they are already responding to your plea. Use this month to prepare for your prayers being answered, so when they show up in your life you are ready for them. Stay inspired!