Yesterday I received my manuscript from my editor in it’s completed form, and now it is ready for the next steps in preparation for publishing. The completion of the book is a moment I have been waiting for, and yet all sorts of frightened emotions showed up when I saw the words Final Edit in the subject line. I could feel myself being once again pushed out of my comfort zone. What does this mean now? I have held this project close to me for the last two and a half years and now it is time to let it go and offer it to the world.

Writing the book has been a process of learning that I never imagined would teach me in ways that it has. I have not only become a more confident, efficient writer, but I have been a dedicated student of my life, believing in something greater than myself to bring this project to completion. It’s been a different type of meditation, and I know that if it weren’t for the tenacity of my spirit, it never would have happened.Sarah-Brassard-33

Writing my book, Inside, A Guide to the Resources Within is a milestone in my life. It is right up there with marriage, birthing and raising children, and all the other spirit driven events we long to accomplish. I am reminded, though, as I sit here in these final stages of this project how hard it is to stay the course in these lifelong dreams. Had I subscribed to the many discouraging comments of my mind rather than holding the belief of my spirit in the forefront, this day may have never come.

As a writer, I hone the mission of my work continually. I want my writing to be more than words; I want my work to serve and support. I understand now that my work is about the discovery of self and it is through that development process we have the chance to grow beyond the limiting, discouraging thoughts of an untrained mind and access the messages of our spirit.

My prayer for Inside, A Guide to the Resources Within is that it helps restore a connection to Spirit for my readers. The Spirit within, the Spirit in nature and the Great Spirit that exists around us continually when we are paying attention.

I look forward to sharing the book with you; we are very close to our publishing date…. stay tuned.