Everything slows down by dropping into a space and time that is devoted just to you. Claim your power through meditation and release thoughts and actions that no longer serve you.

Meditation is a Brain Changer

I’m not the kind of person who needs statistics and medical evidence to convince me that my meditation practice is making a profound difference in my life, but I respect people who do. This is why I was so encouraged when I saw this article from Forbes Magazine that speaks to the impact that different kinds of meditation have on

The Practice of Letting Go

Letting go could be the biggest leap of faith there is. Holding on tight to the tenderest circumstances of life is something we have been taught to do from a very young age. When I was a budding beginner on this healing path, I used to think that letting go was an impossible feat. When the concept was introduced to

The Basics of Meditation

Meditation is known for its life-changing benefits in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, but it supports so much more. Meditation helps de-clutter the mind and release thoughts and actions that no longer serve a purpose. It helps cultivate courage, humor, and stability in all aspects of life. Committing to a daily practice will help new meditators stay consistent and experience

Self-Blessing Kundalini Meditation

This meditation will woo your heart home, to yourself, to self-love. This is an important first step in a healing practice. As a Valentine’s Day gift to yourself, practice this meditation for 3 minutes a day for 21 days.

Peace Pulse Meditation

I have found that the root of all my anxiety and fear lives in the past or the future: regrets about what happened yesterday or long ago, or anxiety about what’s to happen in the future. This meditation technique will bring you back to the only place where we have the power over our actions and habits, the present moment.

5 Steps to Stop Frantic Thinking and Insomnia in 1 Minute

Do you know what stress feels like in your body, mind, and spirit? Recognizing how stress appears in your life is a huge step in the right direction. Can you name where stress hits your body? How does stress affect the quality and clarity of your thinking? Can you connect with your spirit when it is weighed down with deadlines?