Everything slows down by dropping into a space and time that is devoted just to you. Claim your power through meditation and release thoughts and actions that no longer serve you.

Ease COVID-19 Anxiety with Loving-Kindness Meditation

The Loving-Kindness Meditation is known for its life-changing benefits in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It is particularly relevant for easing anxiety surrounding COVID-19. Having a meditation practice helps you respond wisely to your fear. Rather than fighting, feeding, or numbing the fear response, it gives you a foundation to support your ability to sit with fear and cultivate curiosity

Safe Haven Meditation to Restore Security

Fear puts a blanket over all that makes you feel safe and secure. The Safe Haven Meditation brings you back into relationship with harmony and balance and gives you the courage to take the next steps needed to heal.  When the mind spins out of control one of the most effective tools we have to recover balance and grounding is

The Healing Power of Hands

I am an energy enthusiast, with a passion that was originally inspired through Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga taught me conscious movement, controlled breathing methods, the ability to focus, and the potency of mantra (a word or phrase that supports concentration) and mudra (healing hand positions).  When I learned about the healing power of our hands, I felt like I had

A Place Just For You-  Create A Meditation Space

Starting a meditation practice may be the simplest ritual that you ever adopt (mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it might very well be the richest and most complex!). The only prep work involved in creating your meditation space: a physical place somewhere in your home that becomes a place to rest your heart, a sacred space for you. Clean it, bless

Does Your Mind Feel Out of Control?

We process about sixty thousand thoughts a day, which explains why it’s so easy for our minds to go astray. Some of these thoughts move in and out of us: Grocery lists, random memories, and trivial facts grab our attention for a moment then disappear. Other thoughts stay with us, reappearing over and over again to distract or nag or

Stay Zen When You Travel

I love the word zen. Just saying it bathes me in tranquility. But establishing and holding this place of peace is a commitment that requires purposeful action. That’s why I do all I can to make it a priority in my life.  Inner peace becomes more available when we dedicate specific times to meditate, eat well, exercise and spend time