We are all different, and it is these differences that make us so magnificent. A foundation of self-care helps you to know the truth about your life and gives others the chance to learn who you truly are. This is an honest path, no more games to play, no more drama to negotiate, just a clear and truthful understanding of what you can do and what you choose not to do. Self-care opens a dialogue with the most precious parts of who we are inside. It all starts here.

Suffering motivates us to make changes, and when we are successful with those changes, we can hold space for our magnificent differences. Awareness of our pain is difficult, though, especially when we don’t have a foundation for holding disruptive emotions. All we know in the moment is that we feel overwhelmed and unhappy and we want to get away from what hurts so much.

My pain made me feel different and separate from others. It pulled me from loving my individuality. All I wanted was the happiness I assumed others had. 

I ran from my suffering for years. I wasn’t equipped to look at the sadness. I could only deal with managing the symptoms. It was the best I could do at that point. 

What opened doors for me was that one day I started to bring curiosity to my feelings. Initially, it was a game I played with myself that distracted me from feeling so hopeless.

But what I didn’t realize was that by making this simple inquisitive inquiry I was engaging myself. Rather than running or numbing, I was solidly in the feelings. I was holding that energy and asking what I could do to make myself feel better. And with that action, I turned toward myself rather than away.

I took it another step further and dared to ask myself, What can I do right now that would ease this pain? And right on cue, I would have a soothing option pop up.

Here are some examples:

  • Walk your dog in the woods
  • Call a trusted loved one
  • Breathe deeply
  • Journal your emotions
  • Drink a glass of water

My life started to change when I took time to listen to the inner callings of my spirit. 

Our quirky habits and differences make us who we are. They allow us to stand witness to the deep utterings of our humanity. It is intimately unique to who we are, and as we unpack these characteristics and honor them, we teach others how to take care of us too. 

An Invitation to Look Inside

  • Are you aware of your disruptive emotions when they appear?
  • What sensations (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) do you experience when fear or insecurity appears?
  • Speak to a loved one about a feeling that showed up for you today. Talk about it as though it was a lesson given to you by a teacher.

    • Example: Today my right hip froze and I was unable to bend over or sit too long, but I understood energetically that this experience showed up to bring me into the moment because life has been so busy lately.

Over time, these practices will soothe, heal and strengthen you. You will start to feel your spirit grow wiser, more generous and more expansive. It’s not miraculous. It’s not an overnight success. It will take commitment and dedication. But with each inquiry, you will become more familiar with your magnificent differences and share them with the world.

Let’s stay in the conversation of self-healing, I love hearing from you. 

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