Self-care is the first step you take on your journey inward. You take your focus, your knowledge, and your compassion and direct it to yourself. Self-care is the understanding that no sustainable healing can happen without this foundation in place. It is the knowledge that helps you deeply relate to the messages of your body, mind, heart, and spirit so you can become the master translator of your feelings and sensations.

It is tempting to hope that someone out there will help you figure out how to take care of yourself, but no one can do this work for you. No one other than you can heal your body, mind, heart, and spirit. My work is not about helping you find another lesson or teacher outside of yourself. It’s about nurturing you back home to that place inside you where your heart can deeply rest and your spirit can wake up and go beyond the limited messages of the mind.

When you connect to your life from an internal center of peace, everything is possible. The hard work of life is released because now you know that even the most difficult situations of life have a purpose. 

Every step you take toward understanding your purpose on earth, even the tiniest of steps, reinforces your faith in yourself and in your connection to the transcendent forces always alive in your life.

Keep knocking on the door of your inner world . . . it will open, and then you’ll know something very different. The more familiar you get with that place deep inside, the more you’ll understand the everlasting peace that is yours.

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