My essential journaling resources:

There’s a very specific kind of relief that comes from getting the proverbial it off your chest. Sometimes talking it out does the trick, other times it’s a good workout or singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs in the car.  There is a practice, though, that will offer you the opportunity to let it out while you serve as your own sounding board.


The power of putting pen to paper is storied; and the how-to is simple: write it down.

The most effective journaling is a mirror, a release valve, and a vision board. It’s a medium without judgment because the only audience for your journal will be you.  It has been my experience that through journaling, I have become one of my own best teachers and confidantes.

When journaling, an important thing to remember is that there are no points for style or grammar. You’ve already succeeded by picking up the pen, everything that you put on paper will serve you- without exception.

Journaling Practice

To participate, get a journal or notebook, and find a comfortable, welcoming writing spot that makes you feel at ease and offers you privacy. Each day, sit with your journal and do a body scan. Notice what parts of your experience bring you information. Is it the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual element that talks to you today? Give voice to sensations, feelings, and physical discomfort … read more

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