Hello, friends and family. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be launching my book in June!

In the weeks between now and the launch, I’ll be devoting the majority of my time to editing and finalizing my manuscript; to make this possible, I’m bringing my son, Eric, on board to serve as editor of sarahbrassard.com. He will supplement the incredible work that Kyle Dailey has been doing to manage my social media presence. It is with great excitement that I introduce Eric and his voice to those of you who don’t know him. We’re thrilled to be working together, and I’m confident that his unique perspective on the world will help to further round out my blog and make it all the more useful a resource to you.

Transitions, like this one, offer us the opportunity to learn some incredibly valuable lessons. For this post, I’d like to get your participation. Send a message about a recent time of transition that you’ve experienced and tell me how you found peace through it. Possibly, it was a song, a TV show, an article you read online, comforting meal, a hike in nature, I’d love to hear. Please email me (sarah@sarahbrassard.com) and we’ll use your feedback to build a ‘Transition Toolbox’ and share it on our Facebook page, your privacy will always be observed.

V- (2)I’ll go first: During times of change, I make a predetermined point of maintaining my meditation practice, when things speed up around me, I slow down inside. I carve out time every day to get to my sacred space. https://sarahbrassard.com/sacred-space-a-place-to-rest-your-heart/
I meditate and spend time in nature doing things that soothe and comfort me. With regular practice and commitment to self-care and self-reflection, I slow down inside, ready to meet the frenetic energy I meet in my outer world. My meditation is a crucial piece of my personal foundation. I find that maintaining my foundation during times of transition helps keep everything in perspective and balance.

In Peace.