I was born sensitive. I have an acute sense of smell, too much light or darkness brings strong feelings of discomfort, and warmth and softness on my skin invoke huge amounts of happiness in me. I have known of my sensitive ways but not always known the gifts that these heightened feelings would bring to my life once I found a way to accept and utilize the information they offer me.

My inner knowledge is a real asset to me now, but for years, before I knew how to stabilize and ground my energy, my sensitivities felt quite burdensome. I’d go to the movies with friends to see the latest blockbuster thriller and hyperventilate when terrifying scenes appeared.  I get strong feelings about people, places, and things, not because anything has happened to sway me in one direction or another, it’s more energetic than that. Inner knowledge either urges me on or instructs me to be discerning about what has shown up, and if I am listening, I find this perfect guidance.  img_5886

Because of the subtleties of these experiences though it’s made it hard to put my experience into words. But most often, words are not necessary. There is no explanation needed for an experience that is so deeply personal. Feelings and sensations happen for a good reason, but when we question what comes up, not trusting our inner wisdom, we override valuable information that has great importance to our lives.

Meditation and yoga have helped me understand this. My practice has opened gateways of strength and knowledge. Information I didn’t know about myself before I started devoting time to meditation. I have learned to listen to how I am feeling in the moment.  I monitor the systems of my body, particularly the breath, to help me understand the subtle effects my life has on me overall. This level of awareness may sound like a lot to do, but in truth, it is not. I take time in stillness to help me hear and see more clearly. The constant chatter of an undisciplined mind brings anxiety. Meditation has helped me train my mind to work with me rather than against me.
I have found a passageway to peace through yoga, meditation, walks in nature and many other practices that feed my soul. I have come to understand that these practices are not a luxury in my life but a necessity to having a happy, and fulfilled existence. I partner with the messages of my spirit, my sensitivities; we are dear friends now.