Is there was such a thing as a drama-less wedding? The answer is YES and it happened on our family property last weekend.

Our son’s wedding opened my eyes to all of the emotional triggers that can happen during the milestone moments of our life.

The times where, for whatever reason, we pay more attention to what irritates us rather than to the true meaning of why we are together.

I understand how things can go sidewards fast, as I too felt the gamut of emotions that were building in me. Many of the feelings were old, really old, like what will people think of us if our grass isn’t perfectly manicured, or our gardens aren’t in full bloom. Situations that no one has control over, yet, these types of thoughts invade our minds and our actions, often, without our knowing.

This wedding was too important to me to let that happen.  I grabbed ahold of my crazy thoughts early on, understanding how much they were affecting everything I was feeling about the wedding.
In my meditation practice, one morning I heard loud and clear that this wedding is not a performance, and this turned everything around for me.
My son was getting married to the love of his life; they are healthy, happy and thriving as young men. This was the real meaning of the celebration, their union, not whether our grass was perfectly manicured.

This awareness snapped me awake to how complicated it gets when we have unresolved issues. Milestone events bring this stuff up. Feelings that have been hidden under the surface, appear at the worse times making life far more dramatic than it needs to be. Emotions are heightened, and naturally, shit happens.

I’m not over-simplifying how hard it is to address these issues, only pointing out that they have an enormous impact on us personally, and on everyone we come into contact with. This is the drama we have all experienced at one celebration or another in our lives.

We were blessed by different circumstances last weekend. Love prevailed bringing an elevated experience for us all. It felt like everyone was given the memo before the wedding day began, check your baggage at the door please, and everyone did just that!

We laughed, loved and danced, filling our hearts with so much goodwill that surely there would be the chance to spread that love out into the world.

Scott and Eric, May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on. (An Irish blessing)

Peace, peace, peace.
Blessed Peace