Resistance has been in my face lately. Last fall I hired a business coach. I thought it would be a great way to break through the most dreaded part of what I do: the “business side” of being a creative.

I knew there was work to do, but I hadn’t factored in that I was secretly hoping my business coach would do the work for me. I pictured her infusing her knowledge into my brain, with no effort on my side. Yikes, did I just say that out loud?

My dislike for dealing with the nuts and bolts of business shrouded my ability to see clearly. No shaming myself here. These are just the facts, and through deep noticing, (link) I was able to see how I have actively resisted this part of my work.  

The obvious reality of resistance hit me over the head, and the amazing part was that I didn’t see it coming. As someone who coaches people on breaking through resistance and old habits, how is it that I could have missed this? It’s called being a human. Indeed, old habits are hard to break through.

Like most people, I find myself drawn to what makes me feel best. I love to write, coach, and speak about healing from trauma to transformation. It’s effortless for me because it’s sewn into the fabric of my life. It is valuable to know what lights up your heart, but equally valuable are the lessons of challenge, vulnerability, and resistance. I know that now.

I decided to meet my resistance head-on. I dove in and signed up for the business school programs my coach suggested and, guess what, new knowledge is flooding in. I am learning about myself in a way I never could have had I let resistance steer my course. I have acquired knowledge about my demographic, my unique offerings, and my passion for speaking to women who are inspired to take the most difficult experiences of their lives and heal through them. I have learned more about my unique creative ability, the contribution that only I can give the world. It helps me know great success.

Truth is, I’m still not drawn to doing the bookkeeping, but knowing more of what’s involved in the process encourages me to stay in my lane and only do what ONLY I can do.