Your healing path is deeply personal, and having faith that healing will happen when you are good and ready drops the burden of trying so hard or forcing it. This simple practice supports present moment engagement.

In present moment time, you are enraptured by your senses. You experience your life by what you see, smell, and feel in that moment and interact with it in real time rather than in your imagination. And all healing happens in present moment time.

We spend so much time trying to arrive that when we actually do, we don’t realize we are already there.

Fretting about future outcomes and regretting what happened long ago pulls you toward an idea, belief system, or judgment and away from present moment awareness.

Every time you disconnect from the moment, you are treading in foreign territory. You make assumptions and predictions about what’s to come and worry if it will hurt as much as it did in the past. There is no power here. All you do is spin wheels that have already been spun and waste precious energy.

Cultivating present moment awareness is a courageous act. To really feel your life, in the here and now, is an invitation to a life without filters. This might feel scary, but distractions will only pull you out of suffering temporarily, delaying dealing with what is really there.

Don’t live in a distracted state. Bring your full attention to your life, reconnect with your power, and from there the things you need to change in your life will become apparent.

When you feel stuck, distracted, or discontent, ask yourself these three questions:

1.     How am I feeling right now? Check in with your body, mind, and spirit. Pay attention to what shows up.

2.     Is there something happening in this moment that needs my attention? Can I do something about it?

3.     Are my feelings related to something I felt in the past or think about for the future? If so, take 4 sips of in-breath through pursed lips and 1 forceful exhale out. Do this 3 times. Think of clearing out past and future energy and come back to the present moment.

Work with these questions and you will start to connect to the power of healing that only present moment awareness can inspire.

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We are in this life together, learning, growing and healing from one another. Awareness of this truth is the essence of humanity.

Peace on the trail… 

Photo by Peter Feghali on Unsplash