Healing Hands - It

I remember the first session I had as a client of massage. I couldn’t wait to go. Shortly after it began though I felt that the pressure the therapist applied to my body was too much. He insisted that this was the way to heal, and yet I was being flooded with emotions and sensations I was not prepared to look at. I wanted to cry and scream alternatively. I endured, but never went back to this man. The experience brought too much up at all levels.

Looking back now, I realize that as a healer, he was ineffective. He pushed me according to his goals, not mine. His connection to me, his client, was non-existent. But the experience taught me that to be an effective massage therapist you have to hone your senses and intuition. I found another massage therapist, and even felt inspired to learn the art of massage for myself. I started my training and my career as a massage therapist with the understanding of what I could achieve for others.

I know for many of you this might sound outrageous, but in truth, if we are listening closely to the messages of the body we have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out. This is the reason that I have had the success I have had in treating clients. In accessing a client’s physical health, I can determine where we need to start in a process of overall healing.

Many people come to me wanting to free themselves of sadness, anger and general unhappiness. What I have learned is, that until we address the needs of the body, we cannot move on to quiet the mind and elevate the spirit. It takes strength and a physical vitality to heal the issues of our life and without out that strength, there will be no success in sustainable happiness.

When I begin my work with clients, the first therapy I offer them is a massage. The body gives me the most accurate information about where to start with them. It is very natural for the mind to want to override the information of the body, but a skilled massage therapist respects the messages, because the body does not lie.

From the moment I put my hands on a client, I get a read and sense of what the person can do in this session. I prompt them with questions about sensitivity levels in areas of holding. If there is extreme pain in an area, then the emotions held in this part of the body are moving to the surface to be revealed and healed. Contrary to that, if my hands feel contraction and there is no sensation, then their body informs me that their mind is not ready to bring the emotions stored in this area to the surface.

No matter what the situation is, whether it’s going to an experienced healer to help you translate the messages of your body or training yourself to listen deeply to your body, paying tribute to what comes up for you physically is the most important step we take on a path of overall healing.

It’s occurred to me that tuning in to the basic needs of our physical body allows us the chance to heal from the inside out and build a foundation for long-term happiness.