There is no faster way to turn your life around than to find gratitude in the tiniest pockets of life right here, right now. When we feel like there is nothing in our life to be grateful for, our heart suffers. When we fall into patterns of discouragement and victimhood, we can feel ourselves sinking deeper into that which separates us from the love of the heart. 

To feel our connection to the heart, we must believe in the heart’s ability to turn things around for us. Being grateful does this: it puts the discomfort of hurt aside and says, “I understand your hurt, but that is just one slice of the pie in your outrageously wonderful life. Now let’s give gratitude for the rest.” 

Gratitude doesn’t mean we pull the curtain over life and resign ourselves to misery and defeat. The heart is always looking for something or someone to give gratitude to, and when we cut ourselves off from that opportunity, we suffer greatly.

Gratitude serves in extraordinary ways. It showers us in appreciation for our courage to step away from difficulty with grace and allows us to witness that same courage and grace in those around us. Appreciation serves as a bolster to life’s disturbances. We build the strength to see the positive, even though all we might see in a moment of pain are shades of gray. Gratitude elevates our energy from the depths of sadness and lifts us up to see the good that exists, even in the gloomiest of times.

Gratitude illuminates our spirit and draws others to us. Get in the habit of practicing gratitude. Be grateful for the obvious, like the sun and moon rising and setting, the rain that falls to hydrate the earth, and also for the not so obvious, like a hard lesson learned or the knowledge revealed to you as a result of physical suffering. Offer gratitude to as much in your life as you can, and watch how happy it makes your heart.

My heart is full of gratitude for all of you!

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