The Full Moon in Aquarius: Better to Glide with It Than Resist It

by | Jul 26, 2018

You may have already felt the effects of this lunar cycle. This Full Blood Moon is joined by the longest total lunar eclipse of the century, which happens the day after Mercury turns retrograde.

This moon ushers in change and the opportunity to move ahead with those parts of you that have shyly sat in the shadows. Its message is, “Find your path and stick to it, no matter what!”

I am learning how to glide with my life, and that type of letting go will be a key factor in moving through the contracted energy of this Full Moon. When you feel resistance, relax into it, when you feel judgmental, find compassion, and when you feel sadness, look for the silver lining. This can be hard work, I understand, because it means staying awake to your feelings from moment to moment.

This is where ritual comes into play. Practicing healing rituals in your everyday life such as a Full Moon Ceremony may not seem particularly important, until something happens that rocks your world and all of a sudden those very rituals become your lifeline.

Pay attention to this Full Moon. It is here to help you make changes that will impact your life in monumental ways. Gather with community or perform the following practice by yourself to honor this transitional energy. Bring light to your dreams, forgive your shortcomings, and stay steady on a path of happiness. It’s your time to shine!

Full Moon Ceremony

  • Cleanse your space. Sage, Palo Santo, Holy Wood, and essential oils are effective ways of transforming and rejuvenating energy. If you are working indoors, open your windows so the energy has a place to go. This ceremony supports you in a deep meditative practice.
  • Body Scan. Work with this practice to open the many energy centers of your body. Move through your body, from your toes to the crown of your head. These centers are the doors to your physical body. Pay attention to the restricted, uncomfortable areas and breathe into them. This simple practice welcomes in openness and expansive energy, the perfect remedy for this contractive Moon energy.
  • Journal. Ask yourself what’s been serving you and what hasn’t. Write in the present tense what you want to call in in the coming months. For example: “I am so grateful to be overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean and smelling the warm ocean breeze.” Speak as though it is already happening.
  • Read your journal entries aloud. If you are with other people, read them to your trusted group. If you are alone, read them aloud so the Universe hears them loud and clear. Then thank the Moon for bringing to you what you have offered to her.
  • Symbolically release your intentions. Keep your journal entry in a sacred box or on your meditation altar, or tape it to your vanity mirror. Some sources say to burn your list in a candle flame following your ceremony, but I like to keep mine and revisit it throughout the month. You’ll know what feels right to you in the moment.

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We are in this life together, learning, growing, and healing one another. Awareness of this truth is the essence of humanity.

Peace on the trail..