First Hand Experience: Third Chakra | ItThis March my husband and I celebrated thirty years of marriage. Of all our anniversaries, none struck me like this magical number: thirty. As I write today about personal experiences that embody the energy of Manipura, the third chakra, I feel there is no better example of what this energy center can accomplish, when balanced.

In Ayurveda I am a classic Pitta/Vata, but primarily Pitta dominant. What this means in plain language is that I have a lot of fire in me. I’m a person that can visualize something and make it happen. I am a go-getter, and have prided myself on my ability to get the job done. However, accompanying the drive is so often impatience and frustration around my perceived timelines. Too much drive signals imbalance, and imbalances can, as the fire that represents the third chakra implies, burn you out.

The balance to my fire is the precious energy that my husband embodies. He also has a great amount of Pitta in him, but unlike me, his fire is soothed through his Kapha (earth) qualities that offer grounding.

In relationships, we depend on the energy of the third chakra to inspire us, prompt us, and allow us the balance to stick it out through the most difficult events of our lives. My husband, David, and I have grown up together. We are completely different people than we were when we got married at twenty-five years old. We were blessed to have just the right amount of fire in our lives to keep the passion and dreams alive, and a beautiful balance of earth to remind us of how important loyalty, patience and perspective are to a long-term relationship.

The third chakra’s energy is the engine of our lives. When it is humming and tuned up, it will take us anywhere we dream to go. But just like an engine that is not kept in tune and cared for, it rapidly becomes unreliable when unattended. Use this knowledge to stoke the fire of the third chakra, keep it steady, and be amazed by all that becomes possible.