First Hand Experience: Second Chakra | ItYou know those days when, for no apparent reason, you wake up feeling heavy of heart and grumpy of spirit? Well, that was how I woke up the other day.

My meditation practice helps me take a personal inventory of how I feel in the moment, and gives me a deep, dependable way to address what appears. I went to my meditation mat and experienced the sensations in my body, centered around my hips and low back, and observed my aggravated, jumpy mind. What appeared for me this day was not comfortable, but it needed to surface to get my attention. The agitation that showed up for me that day was not a huge life event, but an oversight in my personal care.

I have come to rely on this method of self assessment, as it gives me a discerning perspective that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I use the framework of the chakras, my energetic anatomy system, to guide me through this process.

Locating the physical discomfort is always a good place to start, because it will give me clues about the emotional roots of the problem and the options for treatment. My physical reference that day was in the sacral area (the hips and pelvis), my emotions were tight and restricted, and my spirit was deflated and cut off from expansive, hopeful energy.

I knew as soon as I found these results that I was in a classic state of imbalance in the second chakra. It didn’t take some huge event to throw me out of balance, just one small thing after another being a little off.

The good news is, my meditation practice allowed me to catch the imbalance before it did become a more complicated physical or emotional problem for me, like a urinary tract infection or an even worse mood. This is the extraordinary value of understanding energy science: we receive the personal ability to decipher the elements of our imbalances, and to learn what supports and heals us.

Once I had accessed the information, I applied the chakra references to my symptoms and supported the energy center with simple practices. For breakfast, I ate my nut-filled granola and made a juice with carrots, orange, ginger and butternut squash (as you know from my Second Chakra Meal post, orange foods balance this chakra).

As I filled a bath, I sent loving intentions of healing, put on comfy clothes (wore an orange scarf) and started my day by doing what simulates me most in my creative endeavors, writing. By late morning I realized my discomfort at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) had lifted.

I hope in reading this that you understand how simple it is to deeply care for your life, and that all it really takes is an awareness around your personal experience of you.