First Hand Experience: First Chakra | ItThere is no more aggravating circumstance to the Muladhara than the disruption of home base. The first chakra thrives on stability, practicality, organization and dependability. So you can imagine how challenged my first chakra was by the move that our family just made after 22 years of living in the same home. All the proverbial balls were thrown in the air.

My knowledge of the chakra system grows daily because I use the information of the energetic system practically. I rely on the intricately woven resources to help me further understand and relate to my life. I know from my many years as a yogi that humans are not one-dimensional beings. There is an interconnectivity of the systems and the environments we live in that, when understood, can break through walls of injury and supply peace to disorder.

These are complex concepts, but I know that for this work to succeed in my own life, I have to make it simple. If the information gets complicated or boring, I won’t bother utilizing my resources. This point was really driven home (no pun intended) by my recent move. For example:

  1. I brought my life to my meditation cushion and received an awareness to what was going on. During our move, I paid great attention to my feet, legs and hips as this is the location of the first chakra.
  2. I checked in with how I felt and noticed if any imbalances showed up. During our move, I was organized and consistent with my actions, and to the best of my ability kept a schedule that felt dependable.
  3. I ate regularly, choosing foods that support the first chakra like warm soups, stews, caffeine-free teas and lots of room-temperature water.
  4. I practiced a nightly ritual. No matter how tired I was at the end of the day, I would shower or take a bath to wash the day away, and wrap myself in warm pajamas to feel safe and warm.
  5. I talked and wrote about the move and what it meant to my life. When it felt shaky, I expressed that I felt shaky. I got real about what it all meant, which gave me a chance to process the change and not stuff these important message away.
  6. We created order in our new house. Almost immediately David and I started to make our new home feel like home. We unloaded boxes, put our kitchen together, made beds and hung pictures. We needed a place to land that felt safe and secure, and this process helped us accomplish that.