First Hand Experience: Eighth Chakra | ItReflecting on the eighth chakra, the aura, inspires me to look back on the entire project of the last eight months: a detailed study of the chakras. I decided to dedicate so much time to this study because the work I do in the world is founded in the understanding of the energetic anatomy, a system that often gets overlooked. Grasping energy’s importance in life is like relating to how important energy is to our homes, cars and technology. Without it, we don’t have the ability to use any of our modern-day conveniences. When we hear that, we all pay attention because we are dependent on these conveniences.

But what happens when we don’t pay attention to our human energy? The health and well-being we so often take for granted stops working. This energetic depletion may show up as depression, exhaustion, jealousy, rage, or as physical ailments impacting your body structurally, or even more devastating, systemically. When that happens, very rapidly the energy system gets our attention.

There are extraordinary benefits to having any level of understanding for the human energy system. You do not have to become a chakra expert to grasp its contribution to your life. Simplifying these concepts is easy. Just imagine a tree and visualize it, from the roots to its trunk and stretching high up to its canopy. Everything above ground level—the bark, its height, its branches, its leaves and overall beauty and vitality—depends on the health and stability of the underground root system.

This is how it works for humans too. We have a purpose here, and dreams we long to manifest. Yet when our sense of security is challenged, it makes it very hard to actualize dreams. I urge you to learn more about your energetic system and to bring its importance to the forefront of your life. It may appear in my explanations to be oversimplified, and therefore unimportant to your life, but nothing could be further from the truth. The energetic anatomy does insist on your ability to ask questions of your life that you’re not used to asking, but soon it becomes very clear why these questions are so valuable.

My intention for this eight-month study was to make these transcendental concepts very practical and relatable. I hope that I have achieved that. A beautiful way of practicing chakra awareness is to do a scan each morning. In your meditation practice or before you get out of bed, scan of your life at that moment. Notice how you body feels. Check if your mind calm or agitated, or somewhere in between. Does your heart feel open or closed? Does today feel hopeful and full of promise, or burdensome? Then locate a place on your body that feels particularly sensitive in this scan. Use the chart on my website to associate the body part with its corresponding chakra, and remind yourself of the supporting measures you can take for that chakra. When I do this, I am always amazed at how the information relates back to my life.

Thank you for taking part in the chakra study. It is my hope that you will find healing through this information, just as I have been empowered by this knowledge of the chakra system. It has helped me bypass some potentially dangerous situations, and allowed me the ability to be the true physician and healer of my life.