The first chakra— keeper of our soul’s passion. It holds information from many lifetimes, and this one too. When something happens that damages or tugs on those roots, life can feel overwhelming, desperate, and, most of all, disconnected. 

This first chakra serves as the guide to our purpose here on Earth. When we are not connected to a sense of purpose, we have no ability to absorb the knowledge of why we are here and what our truest desires, hope, and dreams are for the future.

We start our journey through the chakras at our base:  the Root Chakra, the first foundational energy center. The Sanskrit name for the first chakra is Muladhara, pronounced “mool-la-dara,” which translates to root. The Root Chakra is just that: it is our root system to the world we interact with. It is our source. Just like the roots of a plant or tree, it is where all our primal knowledge resides.

Physically, we connect to this chakra through our feet, legs, and tailbone (coccyx), the roots of our physical body. Disturbances, injuries, and other health issues in those body parts signal an imbalance of the first chakra—even clumsiness, like tripping, can mean something is off.

When this energy center is not fortified, feelings of being separate, alone, and lost are very real. Depletion in this chakra signifies danger to survival. For that reason, the nourishment of this energy center is paramount. There is no compromise when it comes to a starting point for launching a transformational spiritual path: without the grounding, nourished roots of the first chakra, nothing in your life can grow successfully.

Muladhara Considerations:

  • It all starts here: just like anything that grows from the earth, when our roots are strong we flourish into our personal greatness.
  • The feet, legs, and tailbone are the roots of our physical body.
  • Our primal knowledge resides here.
  • This energy center is the foundation of life, and when cultivated, healed, and strengthened, allows us the opportunity to make dreams come true.
  • Self-care is essential. The first chakra is nourished every time you come home to yourself.

  • Feeling lonely and separate from the world indicates depletion in your first chakra.
  • Understand what it is in your life that deeply grounds you, and practice it often.

Just like plants in rich, nutritious soil, trees, and flowers, we too can experience a life that buds, blossoms, and surrenders to the ever-changing elements of nature.

My work views all the elements of being a human—the physical, emotional, and mental—as deeply intertwined… It is from this whole-person perspective that we can best identify the underlying causes of our struggles and empower ourselves to heal.

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