Feedback Welcome | ItI’ve been writing my blog for about nine months now, and I’ve been planning for it for over a year. I love compiling my thoughts, stories, and favorite healing practices to send out into the world. The best part for me is when I hear back from my readers in comments, social media posts, emails, phone calls, or around town. Knowing that my words connected with someone makes all of the hard work worthwhile.

I thought that right now would be the perfect time to get some feedback from you, my readers, in a more organized way. That’s why I want to invite all of you to fill out the anonymous survey below. You can also share your thoughts with me in a comment on the bottom of this page, on my Facebook wall, by tagging @sarahwbrassard on Twitter, or in private by emailing me at Please, take a moment through whichever channel feels comfortable to you and share your thoughts with me. Your efforts and feedback means so much. Thank you for your time.