I sat down to write this blog early this morning and felt frustrated as I researched the astrological meaning of the Equinox. Although the articles I read were informative,  I couldn’t relate to any of what they were saying on a personal level. They talked about how the sun hits the celestial equator and crosses the plane of the earth’s equator and day and night are of equal length. While this scientific information has meaning,  I was having trouble translating how it applied to my life. So I brought the question to my meditation, and the message that appeared was how connected I am to nature’s guiding forces. The Equinox represents equanimity to me. The chance to balance the energies of life and how just like the sun and the moon come into balanced light, I too, feel the effects of the shift from the long days of summer to the waning light of fall. This light balance sets the mood for my life. There is a calm that comes over me, a call to slow things down and bring my life’s focus to the inner peace withinimg_5987

When we honor the relationship we have to the stars the moon and the cycles of nature we have the perfect example of what we need to be present to the many transitions of life. These shifts and changes in nature happen whether we are paying attention or not, but when we bring our attention to them through celebration and rituals we have the opportunity to move gracefully within the transitions.

As you go into the weekend host a gathering to celebrate the renewed energy of the Equinox. Dance, sing, read poetry, star gaze, whatever you decide, make the celebration feel good to your heart and spirit, find your personal meaning in this beautiful time of equanimity.