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This program is offered to those people that have studied Inside a Guide to the Resources Within. (Level 1). We have picked dates that will correspond with the new and full moons, The Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice so we can align with astrological energy.

  • Opening Evening Thursday-February 28 6:00- 8:30
  • Thursday- March 21
  • Thursday- April 25
  • Thursday- May 16
  • Final Evening-Thursday June 20 (Summer Solstice) 6:00-9:00

*For Solstice we invite you to bring a new friend to share in this experience with us and learn about more about this deep dive into self-care and self-awareness.

Location- Sarah’s house in South Orleans
Cost: $250 for 5 evenings
10 person maximum

Each evening we’ll have a potluck dinner, rotating cooking responsibilities each month (soup, salad yogi tea, and a sweet) to enjoy around the fire. We’ll catch up on life and the challenges and successes of daily practice and hear from each of you on how your practice has grown (or possibly not grown) and how I can support you in taking it to the next step.

In the initial circle discussion, I will introduce these 8 principles: Awareness, Focus, Purpose, Passion, Consistency, Boundaries, Compassion, Courage
and based on your feedback I will create the curriculum for the next 4 months.

We’ll see where the energy of the circle takes us!