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Please join us for this private celebration of Summer Solstice. We will share intimate, reflective moments, Gong Bath, Circle reflection, Potluck dinner and finish with aĀ  fireside ceremony. If you are interested, please RSVP to Sarah@SarahBrassard.com

Ā Summer Solstice Celebration by Stacey Lyons

On Friday, June 21st at 11:54 am EST, Summer officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere. I am sure that many of us long awaited this day after the crazy winter we all had with the back and forth of nice weather and cold weather. This day marks the time of year when the days start to get longer than the nights. Also known as Midsummer or Litha, it is truly a time for celebration. During the time of the “light” that we experience during the Solstice and the summer months, it is a great opportunity for you to work on some of your spiritual goals, reconnect with the “source” energy, or manifest your dreams.