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The World we live in is moving faster than ever. The faster it moves, the more it demands of us. Constant stress wears us down, and “fight or flight” becomes the running theme of our lives. Now, more than ever, is the time to carve precious time out of your busy life and learn how to make space for the sacred in YOU.

Sarah and Leigh will teach you practical tools to counter states of overwhelm, anxiety, or panic on the spot. Through practice, commitment and discipline, you will learn to engage the parasympathetic system the “rest and digest” muscles – which help you cope and find peace in trying situations.

Expect engaging discussions in a supportive space, kundalini yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, Gong sound healing, and more! Create foundational practices, establish a consistent daily meditation practice, and learn practical tools that will shift your perspective, as well as cultivate your compassion.

This program will guide you to experience sustainable shifts that will help you grow new, exciting ways of being! Please join us.