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We live in a time that glorifies overloaded schedules and constant availability with a huge emphasis on self-sacrifice.

The emotional upset caused by too much sacrifice provokes a tendency to self-medicate and adopt dangerous ways of coping that deplete you, physically, emotionally and spiritually rather than healing the source of the problem.

Self-care breaks this cycle. It empowers you to look deeper within yourself and seek what you need FIRST which in turn supports you in fulfilling your family and work roles with grace, gratitude and an appreciation that was not present before.

In the 6 month Women’s Empowerment Program you will learn to harness your power and courage. From this new place of self-awareness and self-healing, you will learn to listen deeply, not to the noise of your surroundings, but to the ever-present peace that lives inside you.

With a clear path set before you, your spirit will be free to grow, heal, and know life in its most joyful expression.

One 3-hour meeting a month 5:45-9:00 pm January- June 2018 $650

Groton Wellness
493-495 Main Street
Groton, MA 01450

Sarah Brassard is a skilled speaker, who brings her cutting edge ideas directly to her audience with interactive, soothing, and entertaining presentations. Blending humor, insight and compassion for human struggles, her writing, personal journey and teaching explore methods of securing strength, empowerment, and personal feelings of success. FULL BIO HERE