Even a Broken Clock… Reading the Signs

by | Mar 17, 2016

My children are my greatest teachers. From a very young age, Eric has had the ability to tap into his heart’s calling and manifest experiences that bring him to new heights of learning. This story is a sweet reminder of what can happen when we look beyond the obstacles and take faith in the spirit’s messages.
Thank you, Eric, once again for this reminder as I complete my book with a prayer that it may serve the world in whatever way it is most needed.


When you grow up with a family like mine, you develop a vocabulary that’s heavy in what the rest of the world could call new age or (and I’ve heard this next one from a couple of well-meaning friends) “hippie-nonsense.” It’s true! I embrace this as something special that I get to offer my friends and family out in Los Angeles. It sets me apart.
Words like universe, signs, manifest, positive thinking, can be hard to wrap one’s head around, especially amongst the blur of our day-to-day lives. My confession to you is this: if I’m speaking in broad strokes, I hold back from using new age language in my life. I find myself resisting it until it presents as undeniable. What’s always surprised me, is how powerful it is when I introduce it; when I recognize a need for a little extra special sauce (for lack of a better word), the signs never fail to present themselves. This blog post is an example of one such recent instance.

Scott (my fiancé) and I have been shopping for a house for two years. The housing market in LA is incredibly hot right now- homes are sold for more than asking price with multiple full price buyers vying for their new home. It’s brutal!
A week ago we found a house in a neighborhood that we love,  at a price we can afford. The sellers received six over-asking price offers. The long and short of it was that we needed to find a number to counter with that would be manageable for us, appealing to the seller, and more competitive than the other offers.

Where to begin?! We were at a loss and went to bed the night before our offer was due without any sense of what our number would be.

House PictureThe next morning, I woke up to make coffee and realized that the clock in our kitchen had stopped. The battery wasn’t dead (it’s still not), it was just stuck, the second quietly clicking against itself unable to move beyond the minute it had landed on. More interesting, though, is that the clock stopped on the number that was everything we needed it to be: over-asking, affordable for us, and aggressive. So that’s the number we offered.  When the paperwork went in, I went to work with the universe.
I turned on my salt lamp, wrote a letter to the seller, drove to my new neighborhood, parked in front of the house and walked the dog, visualizing what life would be like if (when!) we got the house. Three (long) days later, we got the call that our offer was accepted!

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” As it turns out, we only needed it to be right once, but the crucial piece of this experience is that we saw the value in reading the signs. We chose to recognize it and used the universe’s message to bolster our confidence and take action. To step back even further, I fell asleep asking for help- “what is our number?”

When the universe (or God, or your heart, or intuition) tells you something, listen to it. Manifest- make it so.

We’re in the thick of inspections, so the salt lamp is still on, and the visualization has reached new heights. Until the deal is done and signed, I’ll actively imagine sitting on my new front porch writing about the countless blessings that have presented in my life.
Here is a picture of Scott climbing the steps to our new house the morning we found out our offer was accepted!