Embrace the Unexpected

by | Jul 25, 2019

I have realized the great value of a daily spiritual practice through the unpredictability of life. When you feel you have put everything in the proper order, secured a routine, dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s . . . and yet the unexpected still happens.

 Life is challenging, and when we don’t accept its lessons but rather sit in a sea of whys, we get tossed around and weakened by the inevitable patterns of disorder. This disorder can show up in many ways. Unexpected weather patterns that devastate our lives and property, challenging health conditions, loss of a job, misunderstandings with family and friends. The list goes on and on. 

The unexpected happens, in fact, more often than not. We visualize life playing out in a certain way, and when it doesn’t it has the potential to disrupt, confuse and scare us. I understand this.

Last week unexpected tornadoes touched down on Cape Cod. I watch very little TV and hadn’t heard any of the warnings. The wind gusts were 120 mph and the sky turned a weird tornado color, and before I knew what was going on the trees were blowing sideways. Our property was spared great damage, but the track that the tornado took through our neighboring towns shattered homes, uprooted trees and caused long-term power outages. 

The imagery is profound. Minutes before the tornado hit there was a gentle wind, a soft rain . . . and then everything changed. No matter the circumstances, this is what happens when unexpected events land in your lap. You don’t plan on them, yet they happen anyway. This reality can shake you to the core, make you feel unprotected and weak, or fortify you. We have no control over the outer conditions of life, but what we do have is control of our inner life, to make it as strong and dependable as possible. When you train your brain to respond to life in a measured and supportive way, you calm your nervous system and get access to resources that are not otherwise available. 

 This week I was reminded of how grateful I am for my spiritual practice. As I watched the storm outside my door, I responded. I grabbed my dog, went to the basement, and waited out the inevitable. I stayed in the experience, as uncomfortable as it was to be there and hung out. On the other side of the event, I had energy, intuition about next steps and a calm perspective.  

This type of response doesn’t come naturally. That’s why adopting a daily spiritual practice is so valuable. The time to learn how to embrace the unexpected events in your life is NOT when you are in the throws of great challenge.

Train your mind and all the systems of your life to feel the strength of your personal foundation. Build a daily practice that supports the healing of your nervous system and watch the other systems (glandular, cardiovascular, lymphatic, muscular, respiratory, etc.) strengthen and heal.

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We are in this life together, learning, growing, and healing one another. Awareness of this truth is the essence of humanity.

Peace on the trail…