Eighth Chakra Meal | ItThe eighth chakra is the outer cloak of energy that acts as a powerful buffer to the physical, emotional, and mental interactions of life. Due to its electromagnetic nature, the nourishment of this energy center is often overlooked, which can lead to a sort of malnutrition.

Feeding the energy of the aura is dependent on the health and well-being of the seven chakras that precede it. The aura is fed through energy-increasing activities, like nature walks, dancing, laughter, healthy communication, kind actions and devoted relationships. There are also wonderful ways of supporting and directing energy through practices like yoga, meditation, vibrational healing, tapping, reiki, and pranayama.

Other wellness professionals nourish the aura through ancient energy clearing practices. Learn more:

Come into the practice of knowing your energy. What feeds it, and makes you feel invigorated? Teach yourself ways of revitalizing your energy supply when it gets depleted. Know the places that make you feel the best, and go to them. The quality of your life depends on it.