When trauma hits and you are doing all you can to survive it, it is hard to believe that there is more out there for you. Discontent, sadness, and anxiety eat up the vital energy of our lives and make it hard to believe in dreams. We want to be more, feel more, and live more abundantly but in our exhaustion, we can’t hear the messages of the spirit, the very energy that will assure us that everything is possible when we are ready.

This experience is very much like a sky shrouded with clouds, we know the sun is there, but we can’t see it. Similarly, our dreams exist under all our sadness, they are alive in us always but feel inaccessible. To clear and heal through the energy that hides us from our greatest dreams, we practice. We discipline ourselves to do things differently, to act in ways that may be tough initially, but we take faith in these new ways of being, we believe that something greater awaits us. 

When I am in that place, be it a joyous feeling or an intensely painful one, I am as close as I can be to my spirit. The truth of who I am is in front of me, comfortable or extremely uncomfortable, it is there, and I stand with it. In our most vulnerable states, we have every chance to make the greatest changes. We are raw, open and fertile for an opportunity, having released old expectations and attachments. We have lost faith in our controlling ways; we are ready to rebuild. We are open to new ways of thinking because for so long the other way has not worked.
I give no power to the doom and gloom; I do not become a victim of the circumstances, rather now, I am informed by what has shown up, and I make my decisions from that place.

I love this trajectory; it feels hopeful to me. No longer does discontent rule my world. Instead, it is now my great informant. I am more clear when disorder is present. I see it for what it is, not what I hoped it would be. Yes, I often feel vulnerable, unsure and frightened but I know the more I sit with the truth uncovered, with no excuses for why it has appeared, the faster it will make its plea and leave.
Vulnerability is an opportunity to shed the old and create the new. Imagine, for a moment, what life could look like if you deconstructed your walls of fear and hopelessness. It is in this place that you have every chance to make your life as big, bountiful and beautiful as you have ever dreamt it of being.

I dedicate this month to dreaming big. Come along with me. We’ll commit a part of each day to self-care, remembering who we are and what we are here to do best.  That means finding who and what makes you most happy, what a novel idea. When we are in our most happy, joyful expression of self, we are in the greatest service to all.

So let’s do it, let’s find our dreams and make them come true.

I am including a few links for you to research on my website. The information will help you start your practice. It will give you a platform to grow new healthy ways of being. Look for my blog posts, inspirational quotes, journaling suggestions and gratitude practices. Keep up with a daily dedication to self-care and get closer each moment to living the life of your dreams.