On your healing journey, life will feel different fast. The smallest steps can have potent ripples. Keep your efforts modest and obtainable. This way you are assured success. Sticking to a steady practice, even if it’s just three minutes a day, can change your life’s patterns.

Staying stuck in old habits takes up emotional and spiritual space. Worn-out ways of being carry a lot of baggage, including blame, negativity, and resentment. This burden of being impacts the way you react to the world and fuels everything you do.

How to get un-stuck? You start by taking responsibility for your words and actions. This opens your awareness and enables you to be clear about your likes and dislikes. The self-knowledge you gain will clear out your spiritual space and help you create the life of your dreams. This is the ultimate goal for us all.

At a very challenging time in my life, I discovered don Ruiz Miguel’s book The Four Agreements. I knew I had to make changes in my life, but I had no idea where to start. When a friend gave me the book, I soon knew what I needed to do to take the next steps toward healing. The agreements—four simple sentences—became my lifeline and helped turn everything around for me.

The Four Agreements

1.    Be impeccable with your word.

2.   Don’t take anything personally.

3.   Don’t make assumptions.

4.   Always do your best.

I will be forever grateful to don Ruiz Miguel for writing this powerful book. The four agreements enabled me to pay attention to my thoughts, my actions, and my interactions with others. I learned to step back and see myself objectively. It felt like my eyes had opened for the first time and I could see myself clearly.

As you continue to heal, it will be clear to you what parts of your life need attention, and new possibilities will open up.  There is hope, and even if it is just a glimmer at first, that’s all you need to start. Take the steps to change what no longer serves you. You’ve got this!

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Photo by Fineas Gavre on Unsplash