Most times we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the power we have to heal ourselves. We yearn for someone else to take that responsibility from us because so often looking at changing the bad habits that keep us from our power feels too daunting. We look to those around us to reassure us:

Please tell me…

  • I’m strong enough
  • I’m beautiful enough
  • I’m smart enough
  • Whether or not I’m sick
  • If I am worthy enough

So much of this is learned behavior. We use society’s measuring sticks of wealth, beauty, popularity, and so on, rather than tapping into our own personal resources. We ignore physical sensations of pain and discomfort, disregard long-held sadness, and depression and overlook the importance of laughter, joy, and fellowship as a means of bringing healing balance to our lives. Most often it’s the easier option to check in with external sources than to meditate for a few minutes each day and look inside.

Without truthful personal knowledge, gained through your self-care, self-reflection, meditation, and other practices of inner inquiry, there is no comfortable way to sustain life’s ups and downs.  When we are in touch with who we are and what we have come here to do, nothing gets in our way from claiming our power.

One of the biggest obstacles to our personal power is ourselves. Self-realization holds a truthful mirror for us to see through and this takes strength to observe. When we can look at that mirror and take responsibility for all that shows up then we know we’re on the right path to building strength and ownership.

I am beautiful….

  • Even though I have that scar on my face
  • Even though I have 50 extra pounds on my body
  • Even though I was too afraid to be truthful
  • Even though I made someone sad trying to make myself feel better
  • Even though I did the wrong thing because it was easier on me

These types of realization have us owning all of who we are and not running from the truth. I have often said to students and clients that when I started meditating I no longer got away with anything. Every step I took was a conscious step and when I tripped up, which, as humans we do, my practice in self-awareness would put that mishap in front of me to consider and reflect upon. The simple practice of looking at your shortcomings instead of numbing and running from them keeps you on a healing trajectory.

This level of ownership can be very uncomfortable though. It is a brave move to turn toward discomfort, it takes profound strength to do what needs to be done to set it you on the right course again. But its value in your life will be stunning. Personal accountability is a power move, once you have a grasp on it, life will change.

We run from our power because we are so incredibly powerful. But without a foundation to guide, build, and utilize this power, life can feel like an out of control wildfire that is hard to contain.

Possibly, you are already experiencing the many challenges of doing inner work. You are already in the midst of the struggle between external values and your own internal goals and priorities. Even understanding that this tension exists shows how much your personal power has grown. There is no more important time than right now to hone in on your discipline and commit to a practice of self-awareness. Build a strong foundation, make the inner inquiry, and stick around even in choppy times by taking extraordinary care of yourself.

Sooner or later, you will be tested. It’s up to you to trust that you are ready, that you are worthy, and that nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Regardless of the noise of the outside world, anything and everything is possible for you. Claim your personal power.

If any of these thoughts stir something inside of you and you would like to share your thoughts or questions, please reach out . . . I love this conversation!