My Childhood School | ItRecently I had the honor of returning to a place that means a great deal to me.

I attended the Applewild School from the 5th grade through the 9th. This school is a special place, with beautiful grounds and caring teachers. It was an important force in my life: positive, creative and constant.

Applewild declares its mission with these words:

“At Applewild we believe that the ages of 4 to 15 are the most important in a child’s education, the foundation upon which all further education is built. Here students discover their passion for learning and engage in the pursuit of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics in a supportive environment. The Core Values we promote and the relationships among all the members of our community prepare our students to be confident learners and responsible citizens.”

In my experience, they fulfill those goals.

Last month, I went back to campus to speak on an alumni panel for a community Open House. Attending were members of the community interested in learning more about Applewild’s philosophy. The great thing about this event was that it allowed me to express my appreciation for my old school. In preparing for the Open House, I realized how nurturing and instrumental Applewild had been in my life. The teachers, students and administration held me in ways I didn’t know I needed at that young age. As I look back, I see that without the infrastructure Applewild offered me, my life would look very different today.

Gratitude is the opportunity to shift everything into a fresh perspective. I was given an environment that allowed me to thrive, and that made a significant difference in my life. Applewild does such great work in the world, and I’m grateful to be a member of its community and honored to have had the chance to represent it at the Open House.

It’s occurred to me that it takes a village to help each of us grow and flourish.

Credit to Applewild School for the image.