Change and Gratitude

Change and Gratitude

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Change and Gratitude | It's Occurred to Me by Sarah BrassardBecause of our recent move, this is the first time in many years that I will not be able to offer our home as a gathering spot for the holidays. I know the experience these holidays will feel different, but I’m ready for it. I’m excited about new ways of being, and look forward to all the time and energy that will open up in my life. I am confident that this will be one of the deepest, loveliest holiday seasons that I’ve had in a really long time.

I look forward to the upcoming reunions with the people in my life—friends, family, students, mentors, neighbors—who have been incredibly supportive of me this year in the launch of my new business venture, the writing of my book, and in support of our move. I stepped into territory that was unfamiliar to me this year. My career was calling me to take the next step, and as much fear as that brought up, I had no choice but to move ahead. So, it’s no wonder that the love and support I received from those closest to me offered a beautiful salve to my spirit.

This year I have embraced change and all of the effects of change. One of my beloved teachers, Joseph Campbell, believed that when we honor the various stages of life and really pay tribute to the loss of one stage and the birth of another, nothing slips by unnoticed. I love this notion: it offers me the chance to recognize change as my teacher. In the moment, I live whatever is in front of me fully. In that place there is no regret, just beautiful, rich, perfect and imperfect life.

This holiday season I have a new appreciation of gratitude and all the grace it has brought to my life. So today as we enter Thanksgiving week I stop and give thanks for the many changes I’ve experienced, and also for that which never changes: my soulful spirit, which gets stronger each time I step outside of that which is most familiar.

It’s occurred to me that the changes in my life have broken me open, and in that open, tender place, I have found the true meaning of gratitude.

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Sarah Brassard’s passion lies in teaching people how to create a foundation for self-care, a method of wellness that brings profound opportunities for transformation. She is the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Vibrant and Alive Through All Life’s Challenges. The book details the self-care practices and protocols that sparked her healing journey and that she has been sharing with students and clients for the past fifteen years.

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