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Emotions and the physical body are intricately connected. Learn about your energetic anatomy and gain access life-changing knowledge about yourself.

There are eight centers of energy in the body that support human vitality, wellbeing and life purpose. Understanding and relating to them will transform your life.

In this section, you will find information on the chakras that I believe will be helpful for beginners, for seasoned practitioners, and for everyone in between. Browse my materials by chakra to find overviews, meal plans, healing practices, the teachings of Ayurveda, and my own personal reflections.


The Chakra System and Self Care

Whether we choose to interact with the chakra system or not, it exists in our lives. It’s like the law of gravity or any other scientific theory that we can’t see or touch: they are real and proven, and have an impact on our lives. We can opt to ignore these principles, or slowly start to learn about them in support of personal healing at all levels.

This information is designed to demystify the chakra system. You’ll find that when you apply these simple concepts to various aspects of life you get a broader understanding of how to meet challenges and opportunities.

For many, the idea of interacting with energy and particularly the chakra system can feel daunting and unrelatable. But as you learn to apply more of this knowledge to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness, you will understand it’s practicality.


My understanding of the chakra system has guided me in my personal healing journey. Everytime I have a  self-care., as well as aided me in support of my clients as they move through physical, emotional and spiritual crises.

The chakra system offers us an understanding of ourselves that widens our view of the multifaceted experiences of life. They bring light to the belief that all aspects of life are intricately dependent upon one another. There are endless advantages to understanding and referencing the chakra qualities and characteristics, and applying this information to self care practices.


First Chakra: Foundation

The first chakra is our root system. It creates a foundation of strength that will determine how much the rest of the system will grow. It is home base, where we secure shelter, nourishment, and security to move forward in our lives to fulfill life’s purpose. Strength and disturbances manifest in the feet, legs, and tailbone. Read more…

Second Chakra: Creativity

The second chakra houses everything that makes you, you. It is a treasure trove of information on you filled with self expression and personal truth. The blossoming of the second chakra brings forth an image of you that can only truly be understood by you and once realized gives birth to every possibility. Strength and disturbances manifest in the reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder. Read more…

Third Chakra: Relationships

The fire of the third chakra burns strong, and harnessing that fire gives you a powerful and intense passion for life. This chakra can act as an engine for personal drive, productivity, reputation, finances and leadership qualities. When unbalanced, this chakra has the potential to burn you to the ground. Strength and disturbances manifest in the solar plexus and digestive system. Read more…

Fourth Chakra: Compassion

The fourth chakra bridges the survival power of the lower chakras with the intuitive wisdom of the upper chakras. Because of this, it represents opportunity: the chance to love, the chance to forgive, the chance to change and grow. Strength and disturbances manifest in the heart, immune system, lungs, and arms. Read more…

Fifth Chakra: Expression

A strong fifth chakra provides the opportunity to be heard, respected and revered. It allows you to take the selfknowledge of the second chakra and share it with the world in a healthy, clear way. Strength and disturbances manifest in the throat, neck, and thyroid. Read more…

Sixth Chakra: Insight

The sixth chakra allows us to see with the third eye and access deep wisdom from this lifetime and past lifetimes. When we are in relationship with the sixth chakra, our minds are clear and we have the ability to surrender fear and access faith. Strength and disturbances manifest in the pineal gland. Read more…

Seventh Chakra: Perspective

The seventh chakra is the center of intuition. When balanced, it provides a forgiving, generous attitude, an unbiased perspective, and the ability to tap into the flow of the universe. Strength and disturbances manifest in the head. Read more…

Eighth Chakra: Synchronicity

The eighth chakra, also known as the aura, has the ability to plug us in to our sacred source, illuminate our purpose, and guide us fearlessly forward in the belief, “I am one with the world.” Read more…