I am ready and excited to celebrate Summer Solstice this year . . . gathering with our Corona-close circle, creating a meal, and standing by the outdoor fire to welcome the longest light day of the year. Solstice is a powerfully charged ritual for me and this year especially aligns with so many great transformational opportunities.

Rituals are meditations: they flush us into the present moment with awareness and gratitude, and this slows life down and gives us the chance to reflect, ponder, and dream. We don’t often take these types of impulses seriously. They come to mind, but just as swiftly they disappear. Do your best to listen when they appear.

What rituals do you practice in your life? What do they mean to you? Do they unleash a part of you that has been hidden from the light?

Summer Solstice is about casting light on the places in us that are shadowed. Staying in those shadows limits our ability to break through limiting beliefs and stifles our potential. 

Filling ourselves with light—the energy of the sun—is the healing balm that resonates with our spirits. When you stand in the light of the sun, tilt your head toward it and feel its strength and power. Tap into the powerful healing potential of the sun.

Here are some of my favorite Summer Solstice rituals:

  • Build a bonfire. Gather friends and family. Have a potluck with an in-season and local theme to celebrate the start of the growing season. Ask people to write or find a poem that speaks to summer. Read your poems around the campfire and celebrate the solstice.
  • Meditate outside in a garden, forest, park, or your sanctuary in your own yard.
  • Make an altar with summer flowers and herbs, and light a candle and tell the Universe what you wish to manifest this summer.
  • Create a vision board. Consider yellow as a theme color. Inspire yourself to go outside your comfort zone. What is it you’d like to create this summer? Think big, even if it makes you feel a bit vulnerable. Pinterest is a great source for making specialty boards.
  • Have a dance party. If dancing around the Maypole isn’t your thing, find your favorite playlist, crank up the music, and DANCE!
  • Practice yoga and meditation. Honor the sun with sun salutations and a gratitude meditation. Make space in your head, heart, and spirit for the light of the sun to shine through.

Create your own celebration. Have a blast, get creative, and enjoy this beautiful time together. I’d love to see what you’ve created. Share it with me on social media or in a comment below. 

Happy Solstice to everyone!


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