The Bees Are My Teachers | ItThis morning, I heard a sound I’d been listening for all summer.

Back in New Hampshire, on a break from my summer residency with my family in Cape Cod, I took my dogs for our usual sunrise walk to avoid the hot weather at midday. As the dogs paused to swim in a stream they love, I heard buzzing. I looked around for bees, but there were none to be found. Still, there was no missing the hummmmm. It was the exact same sound I heard when our hive swarmed away in early spring.

I went back to the house for my husband, and together we explored a stand of trees between the stream and the road. The area was carpeted with poison ivy, and even when David risked it and searched further, we couldn’t find the hive. All the same, we agreed that the source of the buzzing was likely the sound of our old bees in a new hive. I hoped it was. The noise felt like a message: here we are, thriving in happy in our new home.

I never imagined I would feel so maternally towards the bees. I love them, and I really appreciate the brilliance of what they do. I have deep gratitude for what they are teaching me. So many people ask me if I was inspired to become a beekeeper because of the honey, and as much as I love honey, it was actually the last reason I wanted to take part. After seeing a documentary on bees many years ago, The Queen of the Sun, I have had this pull towards beekeeping. I wanted to help them.

Preparing for this hobby wasn’t easy. For many years, the learning curve seemed too great. At times it still does, as demonstrated by losing the bees in the spring. But this year, without any training, I was pulled to dive in. After I made the decision, the Universe showed up to support me in making it happen. My husband said he would build the hives, and a mentor showed up at my door with books, videos, bee costumes, and hive accessories. I understood that now was the time to do what I had been longing to do, and I did it. I stepped away from the feelings of self-doubt and responded to a greater calling.

Fortunately for me, David has become enchanted with the bees too, and supports me completely. In fact, I assist him in the hive. He is a calm and steady human, and the bees love him, which is a great thing because there are a lot of them now! At the Cape Cod house we started with a hive of 10,000 this spring and now we most likely have about 30,000.

It’s occurred to me that trusting in my own courage is a better path to success than waiting for perfection.