Ayurveda and the Sixth Chakra | ItThe sixth chakra, Ajna, located in the area of the third eye or space between the eyebrows, is a very powerful Chakra. Our ability to have clear vision is created here.

When our sixth or brow chakra becomes disturbed or closed, we can experience lack of focus and imagination, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, and obsessive thinking patterns.

Physically, we can suffer from migraines and headaches, sleep disturbances, painful eye conditions, and blurred vision.

Signs of a balanced sixth chakra are good memory, intuition, perception, and an ability to clearly visualize your intentions and dreams. We receive cues from our senses that guide us toward proper decision making for ourselves. When ignored, we can act impulsively.

Animals act intuitively and respond to their environment through their senses for survival. As humans, at times we let our egos and intellect override our acute senses, and then poor decision-making can ensue. We have all heard of our Sixth Sense—in turn, the sixth chakra holds the key to this great power.

Keeping a journal is a beautiful way to express our true, intuitive feelings and a place to document dreams that arise in the night. Dreams are the stories that our inner intuition expresses. Writing about these experiences can help to more clearly define the soul’s needs, wants, and desires.

Connect with nature through early morning or late evening walks to feel the true ebb and flow of the universe. We are able to Ayurvedically tap into this effortless dance of self expression when we connect with what Nature does without thought.

Meditation brings back the focus to our inner voice and wisdom, hence bringing the sixth chakra to full expression and flow. Brahmari, or bee breath, is a perfect pranayama to clear this chakra.

Foods rich in deep purple color such as grapes, berries, and beets balance this chakra wonderfully. Holy basil or passionflower tea as well as a jatamansi supplement, as recommended by your Ayurvedic practitioner, as strong additions to the support of this chakra.

These thoughtful words were provided by Ayurveda expert Janelle Salzman. Learn more about Janelle on my Team page.