Ayurveda and the Second Chakra | ItThe second Chakra is connected to the Water element. Our fluidity in relating to others, intimate connections, and artistic expression is created here. When our second, or sacral chakra becomes disturbed, we can experience feelings of doubt, attachment, fear of abandonment, difficulty relating to others, and financial and sexual insecurities. Physical symptoms can also manifest such as menstrual irregularity, prostate problems, sexual issues, infertility, and low back pain. Factors that contribute to imbalance are acute or chronic stress, inability to release past emotional or physical trauma, and partaking in toxic and negative relations with others. To become more aligned with our sacral chakra, we need to look at our past and current patterns with relationships. Journaling is an excellent tool to get our thoughts out. Create outlets for laughter, movement, and artistic expression. The herbal supplement, Shatavari, supports a healthy reproductive system and a calm mind.

These thoughtful words were provided by ayurvedic practitioner Janelle Salzman. Learn more about Janelle on my Team page.