by Elysian Life Design

This practice helps you create strong roots into Mother Earth, like a tree that has been standing strong for thousands of years.

  • Start by sitting on the floor in a lotus or cross-legged position with your spine straight. Alternatively, sit in a chair.
  • Close your eyes and visualize that you have just come across the most amazing ancient tree. It could be an oak, willow, redwood, or another tree you resonate with.
  • Picture yourself walking over and sitting in front of the tree. Visualize a strong, wide energetic cord coming from your root chakra, or the soles of your feet, that looks like the roots of the ancient tree. This cord and the roots start to merge into one.
  • Begin to visualize the roots of the tree slowly leaving your root chakra or the soles of your feet and moving deep into the Earth. As you do, feel any negative energy you have in your body move down your legs and then out into Mother Earth.
  • Continue to stretch your roots deeper and deeper into the Earth. As you do, you will feel the roots growing stronger and more connected to your life force. If you can, bring the top of your body down so your forehead touches the ground in front of your legs. If not, just move your chin in toward your chest.
  • Once you feel secure enough that nothing can move or uproot your tree, give thanks to Mother Earth. Express your love and gratitude for the connection and energetic flow you just created with her and feel that energy flow through your entire body.
  • Start to bring your body back to an upward position, then either physically or visually lift your arms above your head as if they were branches of your tree reaching high into the sky, bringing balance, health, and beauty to your day.
  • Bring your arms back down, place your palms together at your heart chakra, and express your thanks and gratitude to Mother Earth and anyone else you called in to assist you in your grounding work.
  • Continue to sit for a moment with your eyes closed to allow the energy to settle. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.
  • Finish with Amen or Namaste if you like.