Rituals are precious assets to my life, and I plan so I don’t have to rush through them. Rushing through anything makes me crazy. But as we all know, that kind of planning isn’t always possible.

Last Friday I was getting ready for an all-day conference when I realized it started an hour earlier than I had thought. I finished meditating, ate breakfast, and got myself ready to go as calmly as possible, but still could feel myself rushing despite my best efforts.

Finally, I was on my way, with a bit of time to spare. I remember thinking That all came together pretty easily. That’s when I saw the blue lights and a policeman on a motorcycle swing around to stop me. In my supposed calm resolve, I was traveling twenty miles over the speed limit on a backroad.

My angel showed up as a policeman. This is when I surrendered. Okay, now you have to stop. As I sat there waiting for him to run my information, I thought about my speed, this time in my car, and the consequences of moving fast unconsciously.

That morning, the sunlight was in my eyes. What if there had been a child, a runner, or a car I couldn’t see? This inconvenient angel helped me put my rushing in perspective. After all, what was the big rush anyway? Was being fifteen minutes late going to alter much in the big scheme?

I was able to put space between my frantic mind and me and realized that angels come in all shapes and forms and that there is no such thing as an inconvenient angel.

Angels are all around us, open your senses to their presence. In what form have they showed up in your life recently? (I’d love to hear your stories)

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We are in this life together, learning, growing and healing from one another. Awareness of this truth is the best essence of humanity.

Peace on the trail…