It is natural to feel fear when, as a community, we have experienced the shock and horror of a massive act of violence. The Orlando shootings instilled this fear in me too.  I observed myself feeling wary of those around me when I was out in public, and I made a decision through this awareness to not allow this horrible act to infiltrate my life in this way.

Last week I had the chance to put this decision into action. We traveled to DC for a friend’s wedding anniversary.  I had never been to DC before and David I took full advantage of being tourists. We visited many memorial sites and government buildings; it was an incredible trip. Along with us, were many other people and a lot of opportunities to practice my intention for spreading love. I smiled freely to passers-by and spoke and listened compassionately.  I made a decision not to shut down in fear in this bustling city and instead put myself out in the world with active awareness.  I was inspired by what happened. The intention to spread love, rather than to subscribe to fear brought love back to us in many forms. We ate the most delicious food, had excellent weather, and best of all left that city feeling so good about the kindness offered to us on this trip. IMG_5546

No one can take our power from us. It is through conscious awareness that we make decisions that steer us from fear and towards love. There is love alive in us always, and that is where I want my spirit to reside. I offer myself that love through self care which in turn gives me the ability and strength to be the ambassador of love that I long to be in my community and the world.

In peace, in light and in remembrance of all those that have been lost through senseless acts of terror.