Adventurous Spirit

Adventurous Spirit

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Adventurous Spirit | ItTravel helps me feel closer to my life. I love how it moves me out of my comfort zone and invites me to open my heart to new exciting adventures ahead. It takes me from my home and all my creature comforts and urges me to learn and try new things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

As excited as I am to go on these adventurous trips, though, there is always a bit of trepidation in leaving. Before I had my self care practices in place, this could be quite overwhelming. All the what ifs would flood into my mind, and before I knew it, fear would take over.

We have all experienced these types of feelings. None of us are exempt from fear. The difference is how we act on fear. Some of us allow these fearful feelings to steer our course of life and override our adventurous spirit; others of us, don’t. I have learned ways of moving beyond my fears because adventure and travel is such a driving force in my life.

I could have potentially been one of those people that were immobilized by fear, but my spirit would not allow that. Instead, I have learned really useful tools to help me not only identify when fear is present in my life, but how to release the fear very quickly.

One of the greatest tools for doing this is being very present to what shows up. I feel the fear and understand that even if I can’t identify why it is there, that there is a reason it has appeared. Rather than pushing away my concerns, I turn and listen to them as I would a young child. I soothe my concerns with a loving validation and am always astonished by how fast the fear symptoms dissolve with this simple exercise.

Learning about ourselves by paying attention to our feelings helps us grow and flourish. In my life, my adventurous spirit is something I hope to nurture until the end of my days.

It’s occurred to me, how grateful I am that I have learned ways to soothe my mind, heart and spirit, no matter where I am in the world.

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Sarah Brassard’s passion lies in teaching people how to create a foundation for self-care, a method of wellness that brings profound opportunities for transformation. She is the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Vibrant and Alive Through All Life’s Challenges. The book details the self-care practices and protocols that sparked her healing journey and that she has been sharing with students and clients for the past fifteen years.

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