There have been a few significant turning points in my wellness career.

The first was when I discovered massage therapy. As a client of massage, I discovered the secret ingredient to my personal health. Every system in my body became stronger because of massage. I felt doubly blessed when I realized that I could share that healing power with others as a massage therapist.

The second major transition in my career took place when I joined a Kundalini yoga class on a whim. This discipline changed my life. You might think you know yoga, but until you’ve experienced Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan, you’ve barely scratched the surface. The spiritual nature of the poses invites the deepest feelings of your heart to float to the surface — whether you want them to or not! Most people either end the class in tears, or run for the door and never look back. Again, it wasn’t enough for me to receive the benefits of this healing art — I knew in my soul that it was my destiny to teach it to others, as well. So, I turned The Barn into a center for massage, meditation and Kundalini yoga — the only venue of its kind in northern New England.

This brought about an exciting time in my life. The Barn became a totally engrossing business. I saw individual clients, guiding them through multi-stage wellness journeys. I hosted workshops for large groups. I created teaching courses for like-minded practitioners who wanted to instruct others. I also filled it with music – one of my favorite times was hosting world-renowned chantress Snatam Kaur. Through all of these different offerings, I provided my community with a haven of spiritual growth and self-care.

I stretched myself even further by creating Access Shuniya, a life spirit company blending holistic therapies and resources, which empowered people to recognize and attain the potential already alive within them. My days were full of client sessions, event planning, workshops, and the many responsibilities that come with running a healing center and retail business.

And then last June, that quiet voice inside told me it was time to slow down. Running The Barn had become a very busy kind of business, which rather conflicted with my mission, to bring calm and peace to my clients and myself. I felt separated from teaching and the solitude of writing.

After an autumn devoted to reflection and a winter devoted to preparation, I am ready to embark on the next phase of my career. I want to take all of the beautiful, hard-won lessons I have learned about wellness in the aftermath of trauma and share it with others. I have valued doing this work one-on-one, helping members of my beloved home town, but I know now that it’s time to share my work with a larger community.

This year, I will debut my first book, Transcend Trauma. This will be a how-to guide for breaking the cycle of trauma in your life and redefining what normal means to you. I also look forward to sharing advice, exercises, resources and more through free downloads, a monthly newsletter, my social media accounts and this blog. Additionally, I’ll present my workshops and seminars across the Northeast starting next fall.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for supporting me on this new path. It’s occurred to me, I am in for the most exciting year of my career, and I can’t wait to share it with you!